Friday, August 13, 2010


Okay so I'm like shaking waiting for Heather to realize I asked her to be my bridesmaid...we're G-chatting (best invention ever) and she still hasn't noticed! :) So yesterday I went white water rafting at the White Water Center here in Charlotte, and it was AWESOME! :) We were taken by some vendors (Constantine and Milliken) after work.

She (Heather) just realized...
heather.claggett: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I wish I could make the font bigger! I would love to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: have you gotten to the end?
yesyes yes yes yes
me: hahahaha
heather.claggett: best blog post EVA
me: good because that would be embarrassing
heather.claggett: oh my gosh I am so excited!
I might even write a blog post about it :)

Okay so rafting was soo fun! Even though Dad and I got lost and thought we would be too late. But the reps, the geniuses they are, told us to be there an hour before we were to make our excursion. They know designers so well!!! :) It was really fun! We got SOAKED! If have never been before you must go!! It's so much fun and I just love being active, plus they have a rock wall I didn't get to tackle but I definitely will next time!! We were out for a bit longer than an hour and we had some sweet pics taken of us!!

Really, if you don't want to get soaked you shouldn't go...
Afterwards we ate at the restaurant that is there and it was really good! I was pretty surprised actually because you just never know sometimes. They had a live band playing outside and most people brought their dogs of all sizes! We saw Great Danes, Dachshunds, German Shepard puppies, and lots of mixes AND a beautiful Sheltie! :) Dad and I didn't get home until about 11 and I still had to pack and do some laundry!! :/ So I threw a load in and packed up random things that I probably won't even need...oh well! I'm going to Lake Lure (Where Dirty Dancing was filmed) for the weekend for a co-workers wedding!! So much fun!! :) I'll do some more actual updates soon!


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  1. Hold on hold on hold on. I thought Dirty Dancing was filmed at Smith Mountain Lake... we need to research this.


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