Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

Monday's are always crazy days with lots of meetings and things to do! I usually don't even get to eat until like 2 and this Monday was no exception! I didn't get lunch till like 2:45! I was dizzy i was so hungry! But you know, the strife of a working lady! :) After work I hung out with my friend David who I haven't seen since he left for France in like March! He wrote a blog chronicling his crazy adventures, you can read about it here. Anyway he came back in July but my life was so crazy it took me a whole month to see him! I helped him buy some sunglasses from REI and then we went back to Caribou. We chatted about his crazy girl problems and I told him about the engagement and blah blah blah...Good times catching up!

Tuesday was super busy! I researched the American Red Cross and whoa was it boring! But I got to do some Marketing stuff so yay! I actually get to use my major! :) Noelle and some of her work girls were going to get smoothies for lunch so I joined them and Noelle and I were twins! We had the same shirt on! :) Noelle and I had made some plans to go shopping before we had our Young Life planning session so she picked me up from work. We made our purchases and went home to change and eat and then go meet Camille to plan! Jeremy was mustachioed when we got home! It distracted us from the planning...but we got a lot done, and we're really excited for this year!!!! :) Until next time!

Cheers! :)

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