Friday, August 20, 2010

To Be An Asshole

Okay so here is a quick run through of the drama...On Wednesday we were locked out of the office for 2 hours!! There had been an electrical explosion the night before and the elevators didn't work and the doors were locked so we couldn't even walk up the 23 flights of stairs even if we wanted to! That was pretty much the only drama that day, thank goodness! :)
Yesterday I realized how much I had let my work out go to the's gross and sad and I'm going to buy new running shoes this weekend so I have no excuses!! In light of that I decided to completely and utterly gorge myself on delicious foods! White Mocha, blueberry scone, lunch, cookie, key lime pie THEN!!!! Shared 3, count 'em 3!!! Pitchers of Shock Top with Noelle and Aubrey, two glorious, wonderful ladies that I adore. Along with fried pickles, sweet potato fries and 1/2 a black bean burger. I feel full just writing it!

Noelle and I haven't gotten a lot of sister time lately so we thought the Penguin would be a good idea, especially since it was raining! We decided that I need bangs, I need to focus my blog more, I need to make more lists, and I need to stop listening to other people...wait a second!! I think I'll share more fashion-y fun things that make me happy as well as my days because I think I'm interesting so that's really all that
matters right? RIGHT?!
Oh yes, this morning I was paying for all the chaos that was last night...

That's right, that's Ginger Ale in a Starbucks cup...
I'm hoping for a fun, eventful weekend, mostly because I have all of no plans...We'll see!! Love you my two beautiful, faithful (maybe) readers!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Busy!!!

Monday's are always crazy days with lots of meetings and things to do! I usually don't even get to eat until like 2 and this Monday was no exception! I didn't get lunch till like 2:45! I was dizzy i was so hungry! But you know, the strife of a working lady! :) After work I hung out with my friend David who I haven't seen since he left for France in like March! He wrote a blog chronicling his crazy adventures, you can read about it here. Anyway he came back in July but my life was so crazy it took me a whole month to see him! I helped him buy some sunglasses from REI and then we went back to Caribou. We chatted about his crazy girl problems and I told him about the engagement and blah blah blah...Good times catching up!

Tuesday was super busy! I researched the American Red Cross and whoa was it boring! But I got to do some Marketing stuff so yay! I actually get to use my major! :) Noelle and some of her work girls were going to get smoothies for lunch so I joined them and Noelle and I were twins! We had the same shirt on! :) Noelle and I had made some plans to go shopping before we had our Young Life planning session so she picked me up from work. We made our purchases and went home to change and eat and then go meet Camille to plan! Jeremy was mustachioed when we got home! It distracted us from the planning...but we got a lot done, and we're really excited for this year!!!! :) Until next time!

Cheers! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Sunday

We left around 10:30 the next morning and tried to go to Gaffney, an outlet mall in SC, but it didn't open till 1:30!! So we just went back to Charlotte and picked Jack up from Noelle and Jeremy's house. I did my laundry so it wouldn't smell like our awful room!! I went to Ulta and Marshall's for a little shop and then dropped off some PJ pants I borrowed from Noelle and to see her latest creation! And to finally pick up my laptop that had been there forever! Mom was on her way home from Penland so we were just going to do and easy/lazy/delicious dinner of Five Guys with the fam. Jeremy didn't feel well so it was the original Munoz four! :) Noelle and I needed more sister time so we went to TCBY to chat about our lives and future lives. I didn't get home until like 10 but I had time to shower and put on clean sheets for my bed, delicious! :) Short and Sweet.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Unfortunately it wasn't my wedding weekend :( But it was fun nonetheless! The girl whose job I'm taking over got married this weekend and it was so wonderful! Chandra is just the sweetest girl! I've known her for about 4 years, since she started at Gensler. I was really excited I got to go. I took my Mom's spot as Dad's date since my Mom was away on an Artists trip in Penland, NC?? Chandra's wedding was in Lake Lure, NC. Where parts of Dirty Dancing were filmed. There was a bonfire and drinks and s'mores on Friday night and we got to see some more people from work and their spouses. Dad and I got in late because the traffic in Charlotte was so bad! So we had to check into our hotel after the party...

This hotel was awful!! It smelled so bad!! Like a sweaty person and their dirty, poopy dog just rubbed themselves all over the place! And it was pretty ghetto too! But we survived and managed to not spend much time there! The wedding wasn't until 5 on Saturday so Dad and I went into Asheville. It was so cute! We got some tea and coffee and walked around to get the lay of the land then decided we wanted to be closer to the Grove Arcade, which is a beautiful little indoor shopping center. We went in some art galleries and saw some really great pieces. I bought a necklace from one of the vendors and we ate lunch at Carmel. We left around 2:30 so we could get back in time to change and stuff before the wedding.

We got ready, I painted my nails (Strawberry Margarita! OPI) and changed. I wore Noelle's dress, a Suzie Chin that I picked out for myself but it is actually too big for both of us. Unfortunately, the smallest size Shuzie Chin sells her dresses in is a size 2. It also runs a little big because Noelle and I both wear between a 2 and a 0 and this is a pretty big 2. I have a rant about this!!


I wore that dress and some patent leather peep-toe heels. :) It was so hot that day! We got there about 45 minutes early because 1.) Our room stank 2.) You always want to be early to a wedding and 3.) Pregame...duh! lol! :) We met James and Ilesha at the bar, Dad and I work with James and Ilesha used to work with us and she was Jack the Dogs Escort! :) We had a drink and then made our way to the wedding location. They had to move it inside because it looked like rain :(. I got a good seat by the aisle and it was so beautiful! The bridesmaids wore bright pink dresses and Jack (Jon and Chandra's dog) was the ring bearer! They also had a traditional (?)Florida Gator girl along with their flower girl! :) It was so sweet, and of course, Dad and I cried! They had half of us sitting outside and half inside, we were outside and we somehow survived! The people who sat next to me and Dad totally thought we were husband and wife and I'm like dude, nah...that's my DAD!!!

After dinner they had the toasts and the best man had a brilliant toast! And so sweet and loving! Then they cut the cake and THEN there was DANCING!!! Dad and I danced the ENTIRE TIME!! No stopping, no resting, just full out hard core dancing! :) :) :) So much fun! We did leave before everyone jumped in the pool!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Okay so I'm like shaking waiting for Heather to realize I asked her to be my bridesmaid...we're G-chatting (best invention ever) and she still hasn't noticed! :) So yesterday I went white water rafting at the White Water Center here in Charlotte, and it was AWESOME! :) We were taken by some vendors (Constantine and Milliken) after work.

She (Heather) just realized...
heather.claggett: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I wish I could make the font bigger! I would love to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: have you gotten to the end?
yesyes yes yes yes
me: hahahaha
heather.claggett: best blog post EVA
me: good because that would be embarrassing
heather.claggett: oh my gosh I am so excited!
I might even write a blog post about it :)

Okay so rafting was soo fun! Even though Dad and I got lost and thought we would be too late. But the reps, the geniuses they are, told us to be there an hour before we were to make our excursion. They know designers so well!!! :) It was really fun! We got SOAKED! If have never been before you must go!! It's so much fun and I just love being active, plus they have a rock wall I didn't get to tackle but I definitely will next time!! We were out for a bit longer than an hour and we had some sweet pics taken of us!!

Really, if you don't want to get soaked you shouldn't go...
Afterwards we ate at the restaurant that is there and it was really good! I was pretty surprised actually because you just never know sometimes. They had a live band playing outside and most people brought their dogs of all sizes! We saw Great Danes, Dachshunds, German Shepard puppies, and lots of mixes AND a beautiful Sheltie! :) Dad and I didn't get home until about 11 and I still had to pack and do some laundry!! :/ So I threw a load in and packed up random things that I probably won't even need...oh well! I'm going to Lake Lure (Where Dirty Dancing was filmed) for the weekend for a co-workers wedding!! So much fun!! :) I'll do some more actual updates soon!


UPDATE!!!!! :)

OK so it has been forever and a Half (that's right, upper case 'H') since I've posted and I apologize to my one and only're a trooper, that is if you have even gotten this far! Love you! A TON of stuff has happened!!! OK last post was all of two (2!!!!!!!!) months ago! So here's a quick run through of the past two months and then I'll go back and get into the dirty details!! SO::

June 14th: Chris and I had our 5 year anniversary!! :) :) :) :) :)

June 18th: Dad's Birthday! :) and Father's Day!

June 23rd: Put in my 2 weeks notice with Family of 4!! :)

June 24th: Chris PROPOSED!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

June 26th: Sorority sisters wedding!

July 2-5th: Went to Philpott Lake; Noelle and Mom's Birthdays

July 9-15th: Young Life Camp: Rockbridge!!!

July 18th: Finished Noelle and Jeremy's Deck!

July 19th: First day at Gensler

August 5-8th: In Baltimore with Chris :)

August 10th: Absolutely WORST DAY EVER!!

August 11th: Chris left :(

Okay hard and fast but that's it!! I'll put up old posts asap and new ones NOW!! :) Love you Heather, my one and only follower!! I want to see how long it takes you to read this so I'm going to ask you to be one of my bridesmaids on here since I can't talk on the phone! Love you!

(See the perks of following a blog!?!?!?)

Cheers!! ;)
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