Friday, June 4, 2010

YAY Friends! :)

Well it's been and pretty hectic, stressful, horrible and sometimes fun week...Chris and I have this good friend Haley, who we have known since high school and she's so awesome! We both love her! :) But she loves in LA now, and before she lived in Orlando and worked for Disney. But she came back to Charlotte for a few days and we all made some plans to hang out! Our friend Martin was like we're going to play ping pong at Thomas Street Tavern, which just sounded lame...but thankfully it was right across the street from the Penguin!

I have been wanting some fried pickles for quite a while! :) So Chris and I went to the Penguin and enjoyed some glorious fried pickles, block burgers and $5 pitcher of Shock Top! :q Afterwards we moseyed over to Thomas Street and found some old friends from high school, Todd, who paused his time at App to pursue his music career and Drew, who I knew from chorus in a raucous game of ping pong. I just got a call from Haley and Martin saying they were half way there but Haley forgot her ID!!! So they turned around and Chris and I made our own game of ping pong! They didn't take nearly as long as I expected to get to Thomas Street, thank goodness! After they got there we all played several games of corn hole with Chris and myself as the reigning champs! :) We stayed out much later than I thought we would but we had so much fun, it was worth it! After Thomas Street we were all getting kind of hungry and the Penguin was closed so we traveled south to Cookout!! :q If you don't know what Cookout is, you're not from North Carolina and you are seriously missing out!! Cheap food, fancy milkshakes and you can't go anywhere else and get hush puppies or a hot dog as a side!!

Other than that I really didn't do much this week. I helped Noelle make a box for her necklace she was donating to a Make-a-Wish luncheon. It was cute but I don't have pics from her yet and I was having too much fun playing corn hole to take pics...:( I also helped her choose something to wear, which of course was something of mine! ;) I really don't want to complain here so I won't, I try to reserve that for my mom and sister only but it comes out here sometimes...:/ I guess that's all for now hopefully I'll have time to write more soon! :)


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