Saturday, June 5, 2010

Excited!! :)

So after work the other day I was looking for jobs and I found this amazing job at the Arts and Science Council that sounds pretty much like my dream job! I started revamping my resume and writing a cover letter right away! I'm really hoping and praying I stand out because this job just sounds like something I could love and would thrive at! I sent it out Friday morning before I headed out to watch the girls. Kareena and I were pretty boring, she took a nap and I tried to keep up this little baby blog I have going! :) But when Adriana got home she was like can Chris come over!? I didn't even know she knew he was in town! So we called him and he said he was on his way! It was hilarious because Adriana says I'm going to brush my teeth before he comes! I'm thinking to myself 'do you think you're gonna do some kissin??' it was so funny! :D

He made it out here and we played a lot! I think that's why A likes him because since he isn't here everyday he will play rough and probably more fun than me! But I got them in bed and actually asleep on time and Chris went out and picked us up some golden wonders that is Bojangles! Bojangles is a fast-food restaurant based in NC but it is in other states sparingly. They are known for there chicken and biscuits, so it's pretty much a prep for a heart attack! But it is so delicious! For some reason there is nothing on TV so we watched 'Hoarders' for a bit until Jason came home. That show is totally wild! I just can't believe people like that, but I'm a person that just throws most things away.

We both just went home since I had to be back at the girls house at 7:30 this morning. Adriana has been dishing out some serious attitude and I told her if she was going to act like this she was going to have to do things herself. Her mom called and I told her about the 'tude I was receiving and now A is just playing computer games and chillen. We'll have to get ready for her soccer game in a few hours so hopefully it will go by quickly.

I have another friend from college in town who is looking for apartments. Since Noelle and Jeremy couldn't celebrate Chris' birthday we're going to hopefully do something fun tonight with all of them plus more! :) That's all for now! Cross your fingers for my hopefully, future and wildly successful job!! :)

Cheers!! :)

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