Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walk the plank

So yesterday I started the day with a long run...3.56 miles to be exact. It was sooo hot though!! But I did run the whole thing without stopping! I walked Rudy for Noelle and Jeremy because they went to the beach without me :( He was pretty good for me so I took him back home with me. Him and Jack played for a while and mom was like soo are you going to take Rudy back when you go out? So I was like well I guess I will now...So I had to look for a one-piece bathing suit for camp since leaders aren't supposed to show their stomachs. This is such a hard task! I took mom with me so I could have a consultant. I tried on so many and they just don't look right, um yes because I haven't worn a one-piece since dive team in high school.

Mom and dad have been looking for kayaks for a while and we had to interrupt our shopping to look at boat which took forever. Two hours later we went to Omega next door, I tried on a TYR like from the old days and went with that. I was having flash backs from when I was 7 and had to try on team suits and it was always so embarrassing!

So afterwards we went to Noelle and Jeremy's house to feed the Ru and pick up some chicken Noelle and Jeremy have left to thaw out but didn't have time to cook. We made some delicious fajitas when we got home. We were all pretty exhausted from the long day and I didn't get back to walk Rudy till around 10! But I said I was going to take Rudy for a walk and Jack got so excited so I decided to take Jack with me. BIG MISTAKE!! I get there and I take Jack and Ru out. Well there was a guy out walking his dog too and Ru just goes crazy!! I can barely hold onto him, he's so wild, barking, crying, pulling on the leash and going crazy in general. Jack of course wants to join in but he isn't nearly as wild but he slips out of his collar and goes to sniff and check out the other dog. So I have this crazy wild animal in one hand and the other one is escaped, I'm trying to wrangle Jack back to me while Ru is wild. I was soooo embarrassed!! I broke out in a serious sweat! Anyway we made it back fine but I was so mad at the boys!! I had to go to bed early because I was singing in the morning but more on that later...


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