Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Service

Well yesterday I sang at the early service for Church in the Round. Dad came with me and it was a lovely service. Great singing even though I woke up with a sore throat. After dad and I went to The Flying Biscuit! I LOVE Flying Biscuit!! If you haven't been to one you need to do yourself a favor and go! All day breakfast...need I say more?? We talked a lot and I asked a bunch of questions about my grandparents.

My dad's dad was Mexican and my Granny is German, they met during WWII and they have an amazing story but I don't really know a lot about my Papanoz. We think he ran away from home when he was little, around 6 years old. He might have been physically abused and he was a migrant worker like many Mexican-Americans at the time. He was adopted and enrolled in the Army. He got to Germany right as the war was ending, he was a guard at the Nurmberg trials for one of Hitler's secretarys. He met my Granny because his watch broke and my Granny's dad was a jeweler and Granny was her dad's translater. Well Papanoz met Granny and he gathered every broken watch of every soldier he knew, and took it to my Granny's shop to get fixed. And of course an American soldier and a German was a big no-no! So I guess they secretly had a little relationship. And at first my Granny didn't like him! But her dad did and I guess he tried to broker the relationship. Anyway they got married in Germany and moved to America about a year later I guess. My Granny has a ton of war stories that I'll hoefully be able to record or writet down soon. Me and dad want to go to Germany with Granny and visit her sister and hear their stories and record them because they are both like 80 and won't be around much longer! :(

After Flying Biscuit we came back home and I cleaned my room and got ready to take care of the girls. I got there and K was asleep and me and Adriana hung out and it was pretty uneventful. Kareena has a serious runny nose and loooves to wipe it on me...nice. I got home around 10 and I wanted to post some updates but my computer was soooo slow!!! Noelle wanted my help with her facebook page and I tried to go to it but seriously, it took like 30 mins for my computer to go to the site and by the time I had it pulled up Noelle was ready to go to sleep...:/I tried to go back to bloggin but that was taking soo long so I just went to sleep frustrated!! So that was Sunday, hopefully I'll be able to come back today and tell you about today (Monday)!!


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