Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

Okay that is a stupid name but Sunday was awesome! I got up early and wore one of my new dresses to church, me and Dad picked up Noelle. Honestly, I couldn't even pay attention to the sermon I was sooo hungry! After, we went to Nolan's Kitchen for brunch which was delicious! I had eggs Benedict and I still couldn't totally pay attention to our conversation after a few bites I was THAT hungry!

After we all went home and I changed and went to Noelle's house to plan our YL for that night! Jeremy was working and Camille wasn't feeling well so it was just us two planning it! Noelle was working on her jewelry so it was kind of just me planning it! I had to run and pick up our supplies, then run and change since we were going to play messy games then swing by and pick up Noelle then go to the house! Whew!! We decided we would play drip drip drop, which is like duck duck goose, then a relay and then a bobbing for apples and worms Man Challenge.

Well we got there and we had almost 40 kids come!!! We tried to set up a slide show I made and that failed :( but no kids went inside so it wasn't a big deal. We were so excited to have all these kids!! We started out with a game of death ball and the veterans were getting pretty mad at the newbies for not knowing how to play! It was pretty funny but it got a little sad they weren't catching on, but they did eventually! Me and another girl won! We ate some burgers and hot dogs. We had to scrap drip drip drop because we had just too many kids. We did the relay and it went well. They all listened and it was awesome! We did the man challenge and seriously, it was so hilarious! They were throwing the water out of the buckets and all over the other kids! Which spurred a giant water fight with the boys running with buckets trying to soak Jeremy. They were successful.

We had a gutter filled with sundae wonders. We ate most of it and then the water fight started again and they were determined to soak every leader so I had a nice little shower. It was such a fun night. I'm glad we got to have such a fun last night with the kids. Hopefully we'll have some more fun things planned for the summer because the kids really loved the night. Okay this is a super long post and I have a lot to say about Monday!!

Super Happy Cheers!! :)

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