Sunday, May 30, 2010

Speed Street!! :)

So nothing too exciting happened on Wednesday, it rained and I watched the girls. We did find out that Noelle and I will be in 'Creative Loafing' next week from a picture we took at the SATC party! So that's pretty exciting! And we both wore Noelle's jewelry so that's a little exposure for her! Chris and I went looking for some birthday presents for him and we had a pretty good time! :) And I took him to Big Daddy's for the first time and of course, it was delicious!! If you have never been you HAVE to go!! SOOOOoooo goood!! Great burgers and fries and duh, big daddy sauce!! :q I had the Sam I Am with chicken instead of beef and it was SO DELICIOUS!! :) It's a chicken breast with pesto, American cheese, and rosemary ham and it's glorious! I totally ate it all too! We also ran into South Park to see if Sephora had a nail polish I wanted, but no :( However the clouds were pretty beautiful when we left...
Thursday was Alex's last day of pre-school and boy, did he throw a tantrum!! He didn't want to go and was laying on the floor and just being a pain! He finally said he would go with his mom when she said she was running errands and not going to school.

It was cleaning day at their house today so me and Kendall came to my house and I thought I would be able to get stuff done but no. She was crying and being inconsolable, to the point where I was like, Mom, you need to take her! I did some laundry and cleaned my room a little bit but Kendall just kept crying, so I had to take her for a walk and outside so she would calm down.
My friend Beth Anne invited me out to Speed Street with some of our friends for our friend Bryan's last day in Charlotte for a while. :( We had sooo much fun!! It kind of turned into a girls night. Me, Beth Anne and Jaclyn went off to see Rodney Adkins to the land of rednecks! I took a little video...but then this chick gets in the way...

Then the boys met up with us and then we all went to RiRa's for a little celebration! There was a three piece band playing and they were seriously, so great! They played oldies and classics and all around great songs! I wish I had taken more pictures because it was so much fun! :) Okay I'll write more later...:) :) :) :)


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