Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long weekend w/o time off...

So Friday was a little longer than usual. I started work at 8:30 across the street. I took Kendall out for a walk for a bit and then it looked like it might rain so we went inside while she slept. Later we got a call from one of the neighbors asking if I had her babysitters cell number, who is another neighbor. I didn't and she wanted to ask her sitter if she could stay out a bit longer. So Kendall and I took a walk down to her house to see if they were outside. They were, so we passed on the message and played for a bit. I got to leave early since I got both kids down before their mom got home! :) I scarfed down some food and went off to watch the girls for another 8 hours! I took the girls to the park because we still haven't found any floaties for Kareena. There was a basketball court by their playground and a ton of dudes were playing and the families started to leave so it felt like a good time for me and the girls to leave too!! We got home and everything went pretty smoothly. Kareena was being pretty fussy towards the end of the night, I thought she was tired but when her mom walked in she perked right up and started running around and babbling and acting so happy. I guess she just missed her mom! I went straight home and went to sleep!! :)

Saturday I woke up a little later than I normally do. Dad and I went on a run. I took a serious shower after and got ready to go to the mall with Noelle and Mom. Dad figured Mom wanted to return her purse since it hadn't moved from the box :( But I think she just wanted a purse that had reinforced corners, especially since it was white! Boy we had some marathon shopping! :) Belk was having a great sale and I planned on getting a Belk card so I got extra off! :) Me and Mom got a bunch of dresses, 2 for me and 4 for her. And we got some jeans for Dad and Jeremy. Then we went to Ann Taylor Loft since they were having a great sale too! I got 3 dresses and Noelle and Mom bought some things too. I had to go straight home since I was watching Kendall.
When I started her parents said she would probably sleep the whole time but no! :) She woke up like 10 minutes after they left! :) So I packed her right up and took her to my house. Mom and Dad enjoyed cooing over her and Mom and I got ready tot take her on a long walk. I think we walked like 2.5 miles! I showed Mom part of the way I like to run. Kendall was asleep most of the time we walked. She was wide eyed and bushy tailed the rest of the time she was with us. We got back home late, like 9ish and started dinner. We invited Noelle and Jeremy over and the second Jeremy walked in Kendall was in love!!! :) It was so funny! She just absolutely loved him! I think she liked all the attention! We enjoyed a 10:00 dinner, which is ridiculous to most people but that's in the norm for mine! It's been a long day all of which I will write about tomorrow and hopefully get my pictures and video up too!!

A very sleepy Cheers!!

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