Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay so yesterday my friend Erin Facebook chatted me and said she was in Charlotte for one day and one day only! So I'm going frantic trying to find something fun for us to do! So I scour the Internet trying to find something and I found a few things but I told her I would find something!

I heard that there is a Sex and the City party!! I ask Noelle and my friend Beth Anne to come as well as Erin. So I buy all of us tickets only to get home and I get a text from Erin saying she isn't coming and is going to NYC tomorrow!! Whatever we're still going! Plus I can wear one of my new dresses!

So Noelle came over and we got ready together. We got there and it was really fun! We got some goody bags and free drinks and great hors douvers! It was really fun and I'm glad I went with Noelle and Beth Anne! Beth Anne won one of the raffles and I was a finalist in the best shoe contest! All in all a great night and I'm soooo glad I went!!
Cheers!!! :)

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