Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Run for your life!!

Well it's been a pretty full day. Alex the two year old and Kendall the five month old and I took a stroll around the block to see the horses and ended up seeing about 5 bunnies and a chipmunk! Alex was pretty ecstatic. So was I! Even though I am so allergic to the little bun buns they are just so cute!! We pretty much played all day till it was nap time, which was when their mom left, which I think is pretty funny because they both sleep most of the time their parents are gone so I just hang out, work out, veg out...not really the last one. But I had to throw in some laundry while I enjoyed my avocado sandwich so I could have some clean running shorts! Living across the street from work is so fantastic! :) Thank goodness I have a mommy that will put it in the dryer so I have dry clothes to run in too!!

This is one of the first Wednesday evenings I have had free so I could go to choir practice finally! We are singing with the high school kids and there was a girl there that was too cool for school and was so rude! I was totally like umm you are so rude, you don't need to be here, you're not that cool. I'm pretty sure I have never been that disrespectful of adults in my life. Makes you glad your parents gave you some integrity...whew! Then I went to Noelle's house to go for a run. I thought the run would be longer since I struggled so much the first time we ran but come to find out it's like 1.78 miles. No stops this time, OK like a few seconds to look at a tiny bunny we saw and to tie my shoe. I subscribed to runners world YouTube channel and learned how to tie my shoe properly. Apparently if you loop your string the wrong way it will come untied fast and the other will make the knot tighter! Who knew!?!?!

I'm trying to really get into running, I actually like it now! I think I'm going to run for your life to get running shoes. They test you to figure out what kind of shoes are best for your feet. My shoes are totes starting to hurt my feet. I want one of those Nike watches that tell you how far you've gone, and how fast, and how many calories you've burned, etc.

Noelle and I got to chat while we ran/jogged...what's the difference? And she was mad I didn't tell her I started to blog...umm yeah because I'm boring! and have all of zero followers. But I write like I have tons! I think it makes it more fun. Slash ca-razy. I had to go right home because we started the run late and wanted to eat with mom and dad...

No shocker on Idol tonight, Mike had to go. He was good but last night wasn't his best. After Casey was safe it had to be Mike. Bon Jovi, older man love of my life, not so great. I was a little sad/let down. But anyway it's late nothing else to eventful. I need to run some serious errands tomorrow. I plus I know I have a more eventful day tomorrow! ;)


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