Monday, May 10, 2010


Well last night I wanted to post some pictures along with my post but of course my computer is overloaded with wonderful information all of which I wish to save forever! So I needed to transfer some of my old files to my external hard drive which takes forever!! Or at least a few hours sometimes. If you don't have an external hard drive, get one! It sucks to lose all of your information, files, photos, music, and other things you have worked hard on!
Today I'm watching my girls. Kareena who is sixteen months old is wide open today! Using a couch pillow as a crash pillow and having a ball rolling around and laughing as hard as she can! Hopefully it will warm up and we'll have a pool day! She loves the water, but we need some floaties! She is so daring and ready to jump off everything, stairs, couches, dogs, trampolines, me, everything! But she's pretty moody with her food so that probably won't happen and she's in desperate need of a nap!

So it's still not warm enough to go out in a bathing suit, plus I should probably do a little work out while K is asleep. But blogging is so much easier! Instead of either of those I applied to a few jobs which is probably better in the long run. But I did finally finish transferring my pictures and posted them on facebook and some on my last entry.
We have our last Young Life Club tonight and hopefully it all goes well and we have lots of kids come tonight!! All of us leaders really want to go to camp but our kids have such busy summer schedules that we may not have enough kids to need all of the leaders to come! :( I wish I could put some pics up from Young Life but I'm not sure how that would work out with them being pictures of HS kids and their parents being upset or something? Best to err on the side of discretion...
YL was such a success but they totally don't want to get anywhere near each other faces...haha! We started off with a crowd fav in death ball. Then we had them do a donut dip, where one person stands with a donut on a string in their mouth and the other person lays on their back and eats it. In between bites the other person is dipping it in chocolate syrup. Yes, I still had chocolate on my face when I got home...then we had them do some scupturading with play-doh. We did a relay with hula-hoops, donuts and pencils to lead into Common Ground where they had to write down everything they had in common within their group. We had some pretty hilarious responses. The Man Challenge was who could eat three Mickey D's hamburgers the fastest, it was pretty intense!! Altogether a great club and hopefully some kids will sign up for camp!!! Cross your fingers and pray for us!! Exhausted after such a long day and I have to get up early tomorrow!!


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