Wednesday, May 19, 2010


OK seriously, my computer is completely ridiculous!! Last night I tried to write about my day and it took so long to pull up anything that I just had to turn it off! It was sooo frustrating!!! Anyone know a good computer that is not a Mac? I just cant/wont bring myself to learn the formatting and stuff for Macs...I'm stubborn I know!

So yesterday I had a very relaxing morning since I didn't have to work until 12:30. You know cleansing, eating and drinking lots of tea and coffee, a little workout with my sweet baby Jackson. Then I went to work and it was still pretty easy going. Alex was gone so I just watched Kendall for a few hours. My bosses wanted to go out on a date last night, that's why I started so late and ended late. Kendall just wouldn't be satisfied if I wasn't holding her! I had to just call my mom and ask her to hold Kendall while I made and fed Alex dinner. The second I would put her down she would cry! I just can't let a baby cry when I know what they want! Given, I will put one of the kids down for a nap and let them cry when I know they are tired. But I think most parents and caretakers know when their kids are tired and need to sleep. But it is totally frustrating when your child is crying because they are tired! It's like seriously?! Just go to sleep!!

I only got bits and pieces of Idol and Glee unfortunately :( But I have Glee on DVR for later because I totally missed the NPH/Schuester duet!!! I have no clue who might be going home tonight since I just couldn't pay attention to it last night I guess I'll have to find out tonight!! Glee was totally brillz as usual and I KNEW Idina Menzel had to be Rachel's mom, they look totes alike!!! Could we get Kristen Cheno and Idina together for a little Wicked revival?? I know that's a serious stretch but come on!! And next week OH MY GAGA!!?? My life's wishes are coming true!! I'm soo excited to have a Lady Gaga Glee episode!!! I can't contain myself!! I want to find a dance class that is completely based on the Lady. Moves, music, everything! Costuming?!?! Ughhh loves it!!

But I didn't get home until late and I was planning on going out to Gin Mill in South End but it was so late and I hadn't even had dinner so I was just like forget it! But I do have plans for tonight if it stops raining! The Script is playing in Uptown and I plan on going but I need to print my tickets and I want to find a new dress to wear. I have been looking for ages for a dress that can go from day to night that is casual! I thought I found one the other day but Mom said it was too unflattering. It kind of looked like a little romper but it was a dress. I want something kind of short, like mid thigh which is short to me. And just casual, light, and fun and young. I feel like sometimes I dress older than I am but that's how I have always been. I buy clothes that fit me well, are flattering, not always trendy but cute on me.

Yesterday I started using some whitening strips and I'm excited for some results but I have to wear them for 30 minutes! So I'll be toting around a tooth brush and strips for a while so I can fit in my whitening! :D

Today I walked in and Kareena has these big bumps on her head!! They look like bites but they are seriously swollen! They don't seem to bother her. She is starting to get such and attitude! If she doesn't get her way she starts to cry and scream! Like she wants to sit in the refrigerator and, well, I can't let her do that! I'm ready for her to nap because she is acting cranky but she doesn't seem ready for a nap yet...but I'm getting some quality blogging in...until later...


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