Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loooonng day!!

So on Friday I worked from 8:30a.m to 12 a.m.!! I started the day across the street and she wanted to go to the mall with BOTH kids! Alex was being kind of a disaster. I went off by myself with just Kendall and everyone kept being like 'your baby is soo cute!' Finally I just took the compliment instead of correcting them. I'm like yes this blond haired, blue-eyed child looks just like me!! :? After we got back I ran home and scarfed down a quick lunch then dashed to watch the girls!

It was soo hot out I almost just wanted to leave Kareena in the house while I got Adriana from the bus stop but you really can't leave a one-year-old alone in the house! It was so hot we were all ready to go straight to the pool but not before and snack and some Spongebob, who. I. hate. But we made it to the pool with tons of toys in hand. Well we get there and she forgot her goggles. I'm like why didn't you just bring your swim bag like I told you? Because I fordgot. That's how she says forgot, who knows why?! And she fordgets everything! Anyway we come close to tears and leaving and getting the goggles when one of the moms volunteers her kids' goggles. Thank goodness!! :) We only get like 45 minutes of pool time before it starts to thunder and lightening. :( The rest of the night went smoothly, we had some dinner and they went to sleep. Oh, Kareena was running a tiny fever but it was probably just from teething since it was so minimal and she wasn't fussy or anything. Anyway, their mom came home on time and we just chatted for like two hours!! We talked about soo much, finally we were like okay we just need to figure out a day that I can bring Kareena to the restaurant and let her run around the patio and we can chat and have margaritas!

The day started out pretty horrific but ended up pretty nicely I think even though it bled into the next day! oh well, more tomorrow!! :)

Cheers! :)

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