Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just follow the Script

OK so after I watched the girls I had to go straight home and get ready to go to the EpiCentre. I waited around to hear back from my friend going too but I never heard back from him. So I just went by myself just to see what would happen. It was a good thing I waited because I met my dad halfway and we had a little hand off of his office parking deck, so no $10 parking fee!! :) But I got there and I couldn't find anyone I knew and so I called one of the guys I thought was going to be there. Thank goodness he answered because I would have felt pretty stupid just standing around in a huge group of people all by myself! So we had a few drinks at Mortimer's before it all started. We had only known about this event because one of my friends friends works for the radio station and they were a sponsor. Well The Script didn't start playing till about 8:45 and it was so much fun and they were really good!

There were a few really big fans that knew all the words to the songs but most people only knew 'Breakeven' I took a short vid of it but I wanted to dance around so it's a little shaky and super short, I apologize!
After it was all over our friend said he might be able to get us in to meet the band! It was pretty cool. We went to Suite, which I think is kind of skanky but since it was a Wednesday most people were there because they went to the concert. But we actually got in even though the guys were wearing shorts and flip-flops. I might have been the nicest dressed in a LBD, gold gladiators and gold dangley earrings. Brenden did get us in to meet the band but as his sister and myself were crossing into VIP there was a lady that was like 'Hey girls are you having fun!?!' then...'You have to leave'. We were totally like umm okay?? But then one of the radio guys said it was okay and then I guess she was just like okay. But me and Colleen were kind of freaked out because neither of us wanted to do or be somewhere we weren't supposed to be!! So we did meet the band and snapped a couple pics...
Altogether it was a great night, I'm glad I went even though I was scared to go by myself!

Today was pretty low-key. I didn't have to work till 10:30 which was good because even though I only had like 2 1/2 beers over 5 hours I needed a bit of time to recover...I'M GETTING OLD!! OH! But they did have the plastic bottles of Bud Lite which I prefer to glass. I'm always afraid the glass is going to chip a tooth or something! I pretty much just walked around the neighborhood with the baby, about a mile. And Alex had a meltdown about going with his mom or staying with me. He kept going back and forth about it and finally he ended up leaving and then his mom drove him back a short while later and then running errands! He had a total meltdown when she brought him back. I knew he had to be kind of tired since he didn't take a nap! But they both slept like the entire time she was gone. But after, I went home and then went running with Noelle, 1.78 miles I think.

The search is still on for a cute dress and I have looked online a bit. I think Noelle and I are going to South Park this weekend to look for dresses and a present for Chris' Birthday! He comes home tomorrow! But I won't get to see him till Saturday since I'm working till 10 tomorrow!! Boo, but I do need the money, especially since I went to Costco after I went running with Noelle and found a bunch more things than I needed! Okay this is a super-freakin long posts so goodnight and hopefully my computer will live another day for another post!


Okay pics are going to have to wait because for some reason the uploader is not working!! :/

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