Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm (not) a Mom...

So Monday I watched Alex pretty much all day. We went to Gymboree and then his mom asked me to run a few errands. We went to Harris Teeter and we got a few looks our way. Alex was being really good and talking with me and helping me remember what we needed to buy. But I'm pretty sure everything though he was my child! It was kind of funny to pretend, especially since he was being good!

We got home and he took a nap right away! I got a little down time before I got to go to lunch. I was a little rushed though because his mom went to the store to get the stuff we couldn't find and a woman fell in front of her!! She said she had to wait for the ambulance to take the woman away! And Noelle wanted to take some pictures of her necklace on me so I had to scarf my food down!

I then went to get the boys and helped the younger boy on his diorama for school. He decided to do a scene from his book of the main character flying with the birds. OMG He had to read to me and he is still sounding out word and he goes "shaarr, shaart, Sharted!!" ummm no, how about 'shared'. Too funny! Then I tried to get as much bloggin done so I could catch up but obvi I'm not there yet!! :) Chris came over for dinner and we had some great pasta with rapini and tomatoes. Yum! :q I was pretty tired from the day so I went to bed early...I have a lot to write about Tuesday because it was sooo fun.


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