Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hula-Hoops will roll

So yesterday was pretty full! My schedule changed last minute in the morning, I wasn't working till 10 that night! :) The girls' mom texted me and said she had to go uptown for licensing for her restaurant. And I was like NOOO!! There is the NRA Convention in town and it was the first day with Sarah Palin and Chuck Norris and about 80,000 people!! Thank goodness I told her because she would have been gone forever! She had no idea it was going on. But as we were texting back and for I was watching Alex and Kendall and they were so good!! Alex is usually such a mess when he gets up and in a really bad mood but he was shockingly pleasant!

I then had to travel to watch the girls. On my way there I totally saw the cop that gave me a speeding ticket a few months ago picking up trash!! hahaha Karma? well not so much, but a little! When I got there Kareena looked so dead tired it was so funny! She was a little zombie and I put her right down. When she got up she was in a really good mood too! We played and ate a little bit and then we had to go to Adriana's bus stop. We got inside and she wanted a yogurt that is supposed to be saved for school lunch and I said no. This is where it all begins...She got sooo mad and I was like you have all this fruit that you love and other snacks, she wouldn't have it and started screaming and stormed into the pantry and slammed the door. The pantry has no light, I have no idea why that was where she decided to go but it was pretty funny. She came out and asked for some sun chips and I said yes. But she was super mad and cranky after that. I knew her mom was going to be home soon but I wanted it to be a surprise. So when she asked to go play with kids down the street I asked her if we could just stay at her house and she freaked out and started crying and yelling at me and she threw her hula-hoop at me and tried to hit me and I'm like WHAT!? SERIOUSLY!? I asked her if something happened at school to make her so mad, she said no. I asked her if she was tired or hungry and she said she wasn't. So I was like seriously it sounds like you need a time out if your just going to cry and yell at me outside. Finally she gave into the idea of blowing bubbles in the backyard. Her mom came home and showed how cranky A was. Her mom had planned to take her out and do something fun with just her but she was so cranky and rude that was out the window.

I got to leave early so I went to Marshall's to look for running shorts since I only have 2 pairs that I like. Of course they didn't have any and of course they had all kind of other things I want to buy!! I think I'll do a haul video at the end of the month...Then I went out with my mom and dad to look for kayaks. We went to REI and they had some great boats but they didn't have the model my parents had looked at online and since we're so small we need small boats! I looked at the climbing stuff and then we went to dinner at Harper's. It was delicious! I was too tired to even think about going out! But I only have one more week till Chris comes back home so I'm excited for that!! I'll write about today later!!!


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