Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello there little friend!

Well, after long thoughts and consideration I have decided to finally start a blog. After all, my life is somewhat interesting, and there are some adventures I would like for people to accompany me. I wanted to start on Cinco de Mayo, but, well, after a few margaritas with the fam and then planning a fun night out, blogging was pretty much out the window! ;) But a lazy Sunday, post nap, is probably the perfect time to start!

Today is Mother's Day and what a fantastic day it has been! Me and my Dad went to church and enjoyed a lovely sermon about mothers and if you saw me yes, yes, I was tearing up a little! I just love my mom so much! Noelle, my sister, couldn't join us because she was being a "House Frau" as my Granny calls her and was making a fantastic strawberry rhubarb pie! :P Anyway after church Dad and myself headed to Starbucks and Hallmark to look for some mothers day appropriate wrapping paper. Unfortunately Hallmark doesn't open till 12 on we went to our original destination Fresh Market (fav!) for some beautiful Mothers Day flowers and tried Rite Aid for wrapping paper hahaha no we settled on some we already had. I wrapped it of course!

Grandma and Papa came over, my mom's parents, and so did Noelle and Jeremy, my sister and her husband. We enjoyed salmon, lemon rice, salad, and, our family staple, asparagus and then Noelle's fabulous strawberry rhubarb pie with fresh homemade whipped cream! :q We enjoyed watching the bunnies hop between our yard and our neighbors. It was so beautiful out today it just makes you happy to be alive! Mom opened her presents, I got her a set of light-weight multi-colored mixing bowls she had been wanting for a while. Williams-Sonoma I love you! (Esp. for wrapping it for me!) Noelle gave her and Grandma orchids and gave mom a bowl from a gallery they had visited in Asheville. And dun duh da duhhhh...Dad gave mom a beautiful white Dooney and Bourke purse with light brown piping, very spring-y! Very mom!

Afterwards, Grandma and mom looked at some of moms paintings while me and papa took naps! ;) Now it's probably time for me to help plan for Young Life Club tomorrow with Noelle and Jeremy since our other leader has already sent us ideas!
Club is planned for tomorrow and hopefully I'll put up pictures of today...story to follow...


I leave you with Jack wanting some Mother's Day food too...

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