Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dancin in the moonlight

Today was cleaning day with the kids which means I get to bring Kendall over to my house for a few hours. It's just easier instead of running around the house away from the cleaners while she tries to sleep. It's nice though because I can get stuff done at my house that I need to do. Like laundry! Honestly laundry and ironing are some of my favorite domestic duties. It just smells so lovely and you see that you are getting work done. Plus I love my clothes so much and value them that it's not even a chore. Just taking care of my children, Ralph, Calvin, Ann Taylor, you are my children that I love!

It was funny because having the baby over keeps mom from asking when me and Noelle are going to have kids! But it's really funny because she want to soothe Kendall when she's fussy but I'm like you're just doing to wrong and the second mom hands her back to me she stops. It's funny and sad and sweet at the same time. Funny, because I know Kendall so well that I know what she wants. Sad because others can't or don't know how to soothe her. Sweet because she's getting attached to me and maybe loves me?

We had dinner plans with our YL kids tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings and I knew I was going to want to eat so much! I decided I really had to go for a run because I might not get to go tomorrow. I went by myself and cut two minutes! I think that's pretty good! But it was seriously so hot this afternoon! Thank goodness Noelle's neighborhood is shady because it was almost 90! But we had to go straight to BWW to meet the kids, we only had 3 kids come out but it was pretty fun anyway. I think a bunch of them had practices and stuff. But it was nice to connect with some of them and know they want to hang out with us.

I had to go to Harris Teeter to pick up some soups for tomorrow since I'm with the girls from 10 till 10! Looong day! Hopefully we will be able to go to the pool!! :)

It is such a beautiful night, it smells like Honeysuckle, Magnolia and a little Wisteria tonight. If Chris was here we would be dancing outside. I seriously considered a second run tonight but running solo at night just doesn't sound like a great idea. Shame. So tired now and I have a long day tomorrow. Good night.


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