Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carry Each Other

I worked across the street today with baby Kendall. It was a long day and I was soo tired from waking up pretty much every hour on the hour last night. I had to have tea and coffee this morning! Kendall was pretty fussy for most of the day she is very big on being carried facing outward which makes me hunch over sometimes when I walk with her. I'm afraid bad backs run in the family. My dad has had back problems for a few years but I'll get back to that...hahaha 'back', cheesiness definitely runs in the family but that's my mom's side ;)

Sometimes when I run errands with the children I always wonder if people think the kids are mine and if I'm being judged for being so young and having kids or if they think I just look great after three kids! Or maybe they think I need to work harder...Oh Lord, NOO!!!! hahaha! But most of the kids look nothing like me. So who knows? So after a very long day of holding babies and helping with homework I trimmed Jack's paws and ran a little over 1.5 miles with dad.

So back to the back, I'm just like my dad in so many ways, I wish I had his skinny legs but I digress...a few years ago when we lived in DC he was a big runner, like 5 miles a day big. Then his back started to bother him. It worries me, especially since I run a lot of hills which are hard on the back. He's getting back into running and taking it slow, we walked a few parts but mostly ran. I think my running shoes might be too big or too old, we'll soon see. It was perfect weather to run, a little cool, no sun and a little moist. I finally made a mapmyrun.com profile after using the site for like 2 maybe 3 years. It's a great site if you're a road runner or need trails to run. I like to know how far I go and I can figure out where I went when I get lost sometimes ;) Happy trails...

Anyway we ate dinner and watched American Idol. I have to say as someone who used to sing it wasn't the best night for the contestants, but the duets were fantastic! Mike and Casey sounded like they had been singing together forever. So delicious! I loved their guitars, it really showcased Caseys playing and Mikes singing. Then, my favorite, GLEE! This show is so brilliant, I almost always know what songs they are going to sing before they sing them. This may be why I like the show, because it is just so me. Am I really just a high strung emotional teenager? I wish? no. no. I don't. I was never that dramatic. I've been an old lady since I was 8. But I do love to sing and dance. I've been looking for dance classes for a while but I'm worried it's been so long since I've taken a class I would slow everyone down. But I guess I need to take a chance!

I need to do something fun tomorrow. Maybe 1/2 price drinks somewhere?? Maybe just a longer run...we'll see how that turns out. I need to look for a one-piece bathing suit for YL camp which is awful! They are way less flattering than bikini's which sounds completely backwards. They all have just two straps like bras but they need cross back straps, keep the girls in line! For me shopping is so much fun but when you feel like you could do a better job designing the items it gets frustrating! Anyone with me?? I really liked a Ralph Lauren suit, it dipped pretty low in the front and had a pretty high waist, to make the gams look longer, but if I twisted the wrong way the public sees something I would prefer to keep hidden! Maybe when Noelle gets her jewelry business started I'll sell bathing suits and night gown with shelf bras! Common ladies you hear me!?!?! OK I think that's enough for tonight. Good night party people.


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