Monday, May 17, 2010

5K?? NO WAY!!

Alright today I was supposed to run a 5K to raise money for YL campers. But my team has all of one girl going and she's already paid out...and it was OK now for the rest of the day...

Well I took Alex to Gymboree today and it was great for him. He did get pretty cranky right before the end of our little session so we left early. We got home and he went right to sleep. His mom took Kendall with her so I just hung out and figured what I need from the store. Pretty fun I know!! Caught up on a little 'What Not to Wear' I freakin love that show! Seriously. Genius! Soo many people need to either watch this show/take their advice/shop with me! I love shopping. I shop all the time even when I'm really not supposed to, but you shouldn't worry about 'not supposed to'. I only worked till 1:30 today and Alex slept the entire time after Gymboree. Pretty sweet!

I came home lunched, and went to Marshall's to return two dresses I bought. I have this crazy habit of buying things and then returning them the next day. It's not regret it's just when I see them next to my old clothes they don't belong and then my other clothes will make fun of the new guys and they'll never get worn. Yes, I am a psycho about my clothes. There may be a closet tour soon...After Marshall's I had to go to Wally World to return some goggles that were originally purchased for YL but, well, they need to go back!

I came back home and it was totes raining and I was like there is no way I'm driving all the way out to the 5K and pay to run in the rain. Am I a bad sport? Mom made some great spaghetti with sausage. Having almost anything with sausage reminds me of one of our old neighbors in VA. That sounds totally weird. Our neighbor, Norma, was a recipe maker for Giant grocery store. She had certain rules she had to follow, like sodium restrictions and certain ingredients to use or base the recipe on. She worked with sausage for like months and our family were her taste testers. It was a great job! We lived in that neighborhood for 15 years and only knew her the last 2 years of that! She was a great and lovely lady and now I want to write her an email! It's amazing how people can touch your life for such a short time and still have such an impact. Do you have anyone you have ever occasionally think about and truly miss? Think about it...


p.s. I totally joined an affiliate group, my sorority alumnae association and shopped online...I have an obsession with spending money....;)

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