Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loooonng day!!

So on Friday I worked from 8:30a.m to 12 a.m.!! I started the day across the street and she wanted to go to the mall with BOTH kids! Alex was being kind of a disaster. I went off by myself with just Kendall and everyone kept being like 'your baby is soo cute!' Finally I just took the compliment instead of correcting them. I'm like yes this blond haired, blue-eyed child looks just like me!! :? After we got back I ran home and scarfed down a quick lunch then dashed to watch the girls!

It was soo hot out I almost just wanted to leave Kareena in the house while I got Adriana from the bus stop but you really can't leave a one-year-old alone in the house! It was so hot we were all ready to go straight to the pool but not before and snack and some Spongebob, who. I. hate. But we made it to the pool with tons of toys in hand. Well we get there and she forgot her goggles. I'm like why didn't you just bring your swim bag like I told you? Because I fordgot. That's how she says forgot, who knows why?! And she fordgets everything! Anyway we come close to tears and leaving and getting the goggles when one of the moms volunteers her kids' goggles. Thank goodness!! :) We only get like 45 minutes of pool time before it starts to thunder and lightening. :( The rest of the night went smoothly, we had some dinner and they went to sleep. Oh, Kareena was running a tiny fever but it was probably just from teething since it was so minimal and she wasn't fussy or anything. Anyway, their mom came home on time and we just chatted for like two hours!! We talked about soo much, finally we were like okay we just need to figure out a day that I can bring Kareena to the restaurant and let her run around the patio and we can chat and have margaritas!

The day started out pretty horrific but ended up pretty nicely I think even though it bled into the next day! oh well, more tomorrow!! :)

Cheers! :)

Speed Street!! :)

So nothing too exciting happened on Wednesday, it rained and I watched the girls. We did find out that Noelle and I will be in 'Creative Loafing' next week from a picture we took at the SATC party! So that's pretty exciting! And we both wore Noelle's jewelry so that's a little exposure for her! Chris and I went looking for some birthday presents for him and we had a pretty good time! :) And I took him to Big Daddy's for the first time and of course, it was delicious!! If you have never been you HAVE to go!! SOOOOoooo goood!! Great burgers and fries and duh, big daddy sauce!! :q I had the Sam I Am with chicken instead of beef and it was SO DELICIOUS!! :) It's a chicken breast with pesto, American cheese, and rosemary ham and it's glorious! I totally ate it all too! We also ran into South Park to see if Sephora had a nail polish I wanted, but no :( However the clouds were pretty beautiful when we left...
Thursday was Alex's last day of pre-school and boy, did he throw a tantrum!! He didn't want to go and was laying on the floor and just being a pain! He finally said he would go with his mom when she said she was running errands and not going to school.

It was cleaning day at their house today so me and Kendall came to my house and I thought I would be able to get stuff done but no. She was crying and being inconsolable, to the point where I was like, Mom, you need to take her! I did some laundry and cleaned my room a little bit but Kendall just kept crying, so I had to take her for a walk and outside so she would calm down.
My friend Beth Anne invited me out to Speed Street with some of our friends for our friend Bryan's last day in Charlotte for a while. :( We had sooo much fun!! It kind of turned into a girls night. Me, Beth Anne and Jaclyn went off to see Rodney Adkins to the land of rednecks! I took a little video...but then this chick gets in the way...

Then the boys met up with us and then we all went to RiRa's for a little celebration! There was a three piece band playing and they were seriously, so great! They played oldies and classics and all around great songs! I wish I had taken more pictures because it was so much fun! :) Okay I'll write more later...:) :) :) :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay so yesterday my friend Erin Facebook chatted me and said she was in Charlotte for one day and one day only! So I'm going frantic trying to find something fun for us to do! So I scour the Internet trying to find something and I found a few things but I told her I would find something!

I heard that there is a Sex and the City party!! I ask Noelle and my friend Beth Anne to come as well as Erin. So I buy all of us tickets only to get home and I get a text from Erin saying she isn't coming and is going to NYC tomorrow!! Whatever we're still going! Plus I can wear one of my new dresses!

So Noelle came over and we got ready together. We got there and it was really fun! We got some goody bags and free drinks and great hors douvers! It was really fun and I'm glad I went with Noelle and Beth Anne! Beth Anne won one of the raffles and I was a finalist in the best shoe contest! All in all a great night and I'm soooo glad I went!!
Cheers!!! :)

I'm (not) a Mom...

So Monday I watched Alex pretty much all day. We went to Gymboree and then his mom asked me to run a few errands. We went to Harris Teeter and we got a few looks our way. Alex was being really good and talking with me and helping me remember what we needed to buy. But I'm pretty sure everything though he was my child! It was kind of funny to pretend, especially since he was being good!

We got home and he took a nap right away! I got a little down time before I got to go to lunch. I was a little rushed though because his mom went to the store to get the stuff we couldn't find and a woman fell in front of her!! She said she had to wait for the ambulance to take the woman away! And Noelle wanted to take some pictures of her necklace on me so I had to scarf my food down!

I then went to get the boys and helped the younger boy on his diorama for school. He decided to do a scene from his book of the main character flying with the birds. OMG He had to read to me and he is still sounding out word and he goes "shaarr, shaart, Sharted!!" ummm no, how about 'shared'. Too funny! Then I tried to get as much bloggin done so I could catch up but obvi I'm not there yet!! :) Chris came over for dinner and we had some great pasta with rapini and tomatoes. Yum! :q I was pretty tired from the day so I went to bed early...I have a lot to write about Tuesday because it was sooo fun.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

Okay that is a stupid name but Sunday was awesome! I got up early and wore one of my new dresses to church, me and Dad picked up Noelle. Honestly, I couldn't even pay attention to the sermon I was sooo hungry! After, we went to Nolan's Kitchen for brunch which was delicious! I had eggs Benedict and I still couldn't totally pay attention to our conversation after a few bites I was THAT hungry!

After we all went home and I changed and went to Noelle's house to plan our YL for that night! Jeremy was working and Camille wasn't feeling well so it was just us two planning it! Noelle was working on her jewelry so it was kind of just me planning it! I had to run and pick up our supplies, then run and change since we were going to play messy games then swing by and pick up Noelle then go to the house! Whew!! We decided we would play drip drip drop, which is like duck duck goose, then a relay and then a bobbing for apples and worms Man Challenge.

Well we got there and we had almost 40 kids come!!! We tried to set up a slide show I made and that failed :( but no kids went inside so it wasn't a big deal. We were so excited to have all these kids!! We started out with a game of death ball and the veterans were getting pretty mad at the newbies for not knowing how to play! It was pretty funny but it got a little sad they weren't catching on, but they did eventually! Me and another girl won! We ate some burgers and hot dogs. We had to scrap drip drip drop because we had just too many kids. We did the relay and it went well. They all listened and it was awesome! We did the man challenge and seriously, it was so hilarious! They were throwing the water out of the buckets and all over the other kids! Which spurred a giant water fight with the boys running with buckets trying to soak Jeremy. They were successful.

We had a gutter filled with sundae wonders. We ate most of it and then the water fight started again and they were determined to soak every leader so I had a nice little shower. It was such a fun night. I'm glad we got to have such a fun last night with the kids. Hopefully we'll have some more fun things planned for the summer because the kids really loved the night. Okay this is a super long post and I have a lot to say about Monday!!

Super Happy Cheers!! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long weekend w/o time off...

So Friday was a little longer than usual. I started work at 8:30 across the street. I took Kendall out for a walk for a bit and then it looked like it might rain so we went inside while she slept. Later we got a call from one of the neighbors asking if I had her babysitters cell number, who is another neighbor. I didn't and she wanted to ask her sitter if she could stay out a bit longer. So Kendall and I took a walk down to her house to see if they were outside. They were, so we passed on the message and played for a bit. I got to leave early since I got both kids down before their mom got home! :) I scarfed down some food and went off to watch the girls for another 8 hours! I took the girls to the park because we still haven't found any floaties for Kareena. There was a basketball court by their playground and a ton of dudes were playing and the families started to leave so it felt like a good time for me and the girls to leave too!! We got home and everything went pretty smoothly. Kareena was being pretty fussy towards the end of the night, I thought she was tired but when her mom walked in she perked right up and started running around and babbling and acting so happy. I guess she just missed her mom! I went straight home and went to sleep!! :)

Saturday I woke up a little later than I normally do. Dad and I went on a run. I took a serious shower after and got ready to go to the mall with Noelle and Mom. Dad figured Mom wanted to return her purse since it hadn't moved from the box :( But I think she just wanted a purse that had reinforced corners, especially since it was white! Boy we had some marathon shopping! :) Belk was having a great sale and I planned on getting a Belk card so I got extra off! :) Me and Mom got a bunch of dresses, 2 for me and 4 for her. And we got some jeans for Dad and Jeremy. Then we went to Ann Taylor Loft since they were having a great sale too! I got 3 dresses and Noelle and Mom bought some things too. I had to go straight home since I was watching Kendall.
When I started her parents said she would probably sleep the whole time but no! :) She woke up like 10 minutes after they left! :) So I packed her right up and took her to my house. Mom and Dad enjoyed cooing over her and Mom and I got ready tot take her on a long walk. I think we walked like 2.5 miles! I showed Mom part of the way I like to run. Kendall was asleep most of the time we walked. She was wide eyed and bushy tailed the rest of the time she was with us. We got back home late, like 9ish and started dinner. We invited Noelle and Jeremy over and the second Jeremy walked in Kendall was in love!!! :) It was so funny! She just absolutely loved him! I think she liked all the attention! We enjoyed a 10:00 dinner, which is ridiculous to most people but that's in the norm for mine! It's been a long day all of which I will write about tomorrow and hopefully get my pictures and video up too!!

A very sleepy Cheers!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just follow the Script

OK so after I watched the girls I had to go straight home and get ready to go to the EpiCentre. I waited around to hear back from my friend going too but I never heard back from him. So I just went by myself just to see what would happen. It was a good thing I waited because I met my dad halfway and we had a little hand off of his office parking deck, so no $10 parking fee!! :) But I got there and I couldn't find anyone I knew and so I called one of the guys I thought was going to be there. Thank goodness he answered because I would have felt pretty stupid just standing around in a huge group of people all by myself! So we had a few drinks at Mortimer's before it all started. We had only known about this event because one of my friends friends works for the radio station and they were a sponsor. Well The Script didn't start playing till about 8:45 and it was so much fun and they were really good!

There were a few really big fans that knew all the words to the songs but most people only knew 'Breakeven' I took a short vid of it but I wanted to dance around so it's a little shaky and super short, I apologize!
After it was all over our friend said he might be able to get us in to meet the band! It was pretty cool. We went to Suite, which I think is kind of skanky but since it was a Wednesday most people were there because they went to the concert. But we actually got in even though the guys were wearing shorts and flip-flops. I might have been the nicest dressed in a LBD, gold gladiators and gold dangley earrings. Brenden did get us in to meet the band but as his sister and myself were crossing into VIP there was a lady that was like 'Hey girls are you having fun!?!' then...'You have to leave'. We were totally like umm okay?? But then one of the radio guys said it was okay and then I guess she was just like okay. But me and Colleen were kind of freaked out because neither of us wanted to do or be somewhere we weren't supposed to be!! So we did meet the band and snapped a couple pics...
Altogether it was a great night, I'm glad I went even though I was scared to go by myself!

Today was pretty low-key. I didn't have to work till 10:30 which was good because even though I only had like 2 1/2 beers over 5 hours I needed a bit of time to recover...I'M GETTING OLD!! OH! But they did have the plastic bottles of Bud Lite which I prefer to glass. I'm always afraid the glass is going to chip a tooth or something! I pretty much just walked around the neighborhood with the baby, about a mile. And Alex had a meltdown about going with his mom or staying with me. He kept going back and forth about it and finally he ended up leaving and then his mom drove him back a short while later and then running errands! He had a total meltdown when she brought him back. I knew he had to be kind of tired since he didn't take a nap! But they both slept like the entire time she was gone. But after, I went home and then went running with Noelle, 1.78 miles I think.

The search is still on for a cute dress and I have looked online a bit. I think Noelle and I are going to South Park this weekend to look for dresses and a present for Chris' Birthday! He comes home tomorrow! But I won't get to see him till Saturday since I'm working till 10 tomorrow!! Boo, but I do need the money, especially since I went to Costco after I went running with Noelle and found a bunch more things than I needed! Okay this is a super-freakin long posts so goodnight and hopefully my computer will live another day for another post!


Okay pics are going to have to wait because for some reason the uploader is not working!! :/

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


OK seriously, my computer is completely ridiculous!! Last night I tried to write about my day and it took so long to pull up anything that I just had to turn it off! It was sooo frustrating!!! Anyone know a good computer that is not a Mac? I just cant/wont bring myself to learn the formatting and stuff for Macs...I'm stubborn I know!

So yesterday I had a very relaxing morning since I didn't have to work until 12:30. You know cleansing, eating and drinking lots of tea and coffee, a little workout with my sweet baby Jackson. Then I went to work and it was still pretty easy going. Alex was gone so I just watched Kendall for a few hours. My bosses wanted to go out on a date last night, that's why I started so late and ended late. Kendall just wouldn't be satisfied if I wasn't holding her! I had to just call my mom and ask her to hold Kendall while I made and fed Alex dinner. The second I would put her down she would cry! I just can't let a baby cry when I know what they want! Given, I will put one of the kids down for a nap and let them cry when I know they are tired. But I think most parents and caretakers know when their kids are tired and need to sleep. But it is totally frustrating when your child is crying because they are tired! It's like seriously?! Just go to sleep!!

I only got bits and pieces of Idol and Glee unfortunately :( But I have Glee on DVR for later because I totally missed the NPH/Schuester duet!!! I have no clue who might be going home tonight since I just couldn't pay attention to it last night I guess I'll have to find out tonight!! Glee was totally brillz as usual and I KNEW Idina Menzel had to be Rachel's mom, they look totes alike!!! Could we get Kristen Cheno and Idina together for a little Wicked revival?? I know that's a serious stretch but come on!! And next week OH MY GAGA!!?? My life's wishes are coming true!! I'm soo excited to have a Lady Gaga Glee episode!!! I can't contain myself!! I want to find a dance class that is completely based on the Lady. Moves, music, everything! Costuming?!?! Ughhh loves it!!

But I didn't get home until late and I was planning on going out to Gin Mill in South End but it was so late and I hadn't even had dinner so I was just like forget it! But I do have plans for tonight if it stops raining! The Script is playing in Uptown and I plan on going but I need to print my tickets and I want to find a new dress to wear. I have been looking for ages for a dress that can go from day to night that is casual! I thought I found one the other day but Mom said it was too unflattering. It kind of looked like a little romper but it was a dress. I want something kind of short, like mid thigh which is short to me. And just casual, light, and fun and young. I feel like sometimes I dress older than I am but that's how I have always been. I buy clothes that fit me well, are flattering, not always trendy but cute on me.

Yesterday I started using some whitening strips and I'm excited for some results but I have to wear them for 30 minutes! So I'll be toting around a tooth brush and strips for a while so I can fit in my whitening! :D

Today I walked in and Kareena has these big bumps on her head!! They look like bites but they are seriously swollen! They don't seem to bother her. She is starting to get such and attitude! If she doesn't get her way she starts to cry and scream! Like she wants to sit in the refrigerator and, well, I can't let her do that! I'm ready for her to nap because she is acting cranky but she doesn't seem ready for a nap yet...but I'm getting some quality blogging in...until later...


Monday, May 17, 2010

5K?? NO WAY!!

Alright today I was supposed to run a 5K to raise money for YL campers. But my team has all of one girl going and she's already paid out...and it was OK now for the rest of the day...

Well I took Alex to Gymboree today and it was great for him. He did get pretty cranky right before the end of our little session so we left early. We got home and he went right to sleep. His mom took Kendall with her so I just hung out and figured what I need from the store. Pretty fun I know!! Caught up on a little 'What Not to Wear' I freakin love that show! Seriously. Genius! Soo many people need to either watch this show/take their advice/shop with me! I love shopping. I shop all the time even when I'm really not supposed to, but you shouldn't worry about 'not supposed to'. I only worked till 1:30 today and Alex slept the entire time after Gymboree. Pretty sweet!

I came home lunched, and went to Marshall's to return two dresses I bought. I have this crazy habit of buying things and then returning them the next day. It's not regret it's just when I see them next to my old clothes they don't belong and then my other clothes will make fun of the new guys and they'll never get worn. Yes, I am a psycho about my clothes. There may be a closet tour soon...After Marshall's I had to go to Wally World to return some goggles that were originally purchased for YL but, well, they need to go back!

I came back home and it was totes raining and I was like there is no way I'm driving all the way out to the 5K and pay to run in the rain. Am I a bad sport? Mom made some great spaghetti with sausage. Having almost anything with sausage reminds me of one of our old neighbors in VA. That sounds totally weird. Our neighbor, Norma, was a recipe maker for Giant grocery store. She had certain rules she had to follow, like sodium restrictions and certain ingredients to use or base the recipe on. She worked with sausage for like months and our family were her taste testers. It was a great job! We lived in that neighborhood for 15 years and only knew her the last 2 years of that! She was a great and lovely lady and now I want to write her an email! It's amazing how people can touch your life for such a short time and still have such an impact. Do you have anyone you have ever occasionally think about and truly miss? Think about it...


p.s. I totally joined an affiliate group, my sorority alumnae association and shopped online...I have an obsession with spending money....;)

Sunday Service

Well yesterday I sang at the early service for Church in the Round. Dad came with me and it was a lovely service. Great singing even though I woke up with a sore throat. After dad and I went to The Flying Biscuit! I LOVE Flying Biscuit!! If you haven't been to one you need to do yourself a favor and go! All day breakfast...need I say more?? We talked a lot and I asked a bunch of questions about my grandparents.

My dad's dad was Mexican and my Granny is German, they met during WWII and they have an amazing story but I don't really know a lot about my Papanoz. We think he ran away from home when he was little, around 6 years old. He might have been physically abused and he was a migrant worker like many Mexican-Americans at the time. He was adopted and enrolled in the Army. He got to Germany right as the war was ending, he was a guard at the Nurmberg trials for one of Hitler's secretarys. He met my Granny because his watch broke and my Granny's dad was a jeweler and Granny was her dad's translater. Well Papanoz met Granny and he gathered every broken watch of every soldier he knew, and took it to my Granny's shop to get fixed. And of course an American soldier and a German was a big no-no! So I guess they secretly had a little relationship. And at first my Granny didn't like him! But her dad did and I guess he tried to broker the relationship. Anyway they got married in Germany and moved to America about a year later I guess. My Granny has a ton of war stories that I'll hoefully be able to record or writet down soon. Me and dad want to go to Germany with Granny and visit her sister and hear their stories and record them because they are both like 80 and won't be around much longer! :(

After Flying Biscuit we came back home and I cleaned my room and got ready to take care of the girls. I got there and K was asleep and me and Adriana hung out and it was pretty uneventful. Kareena has a serious runny nose and loooves to wipe it on me...nice. I got home around 10 and I wanted to post some updates but my computer was soooo slow!!! Noelle wanted my help with her facebook page and I tried to go to it but seriously, it took like 30 mins for my computer to go to the site and by the time I had it pulled up Noelle was ready to go to sleep...:/I tried to go back to bloggin but that was taking soo long so I just went to sleep frustrated!! So that was Sunday, hopefully I'll be able to come back today and tell you about today (Monday)!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walk the plank

So yesterday I started the day with a long run...3.56 miles to be exact. It was sooo hot though!! But I did run the whole thing without stopping! I walked Rudy for Noelle and Jeremy because they went to the beach without me :( He was pretty good for me so I took him back home with me. Him and Jack played for a while and mom was like soo are you going to take Rudy back when you go out? So I was like well I guess I will now...So I had to look for a one-piece bathing suit for camp since leaders aren't supposed to show their stomachs. This is such a hard task! I took mom with me so I could have a consultant. I tried on so many and they just don't look right, um yes because I haven't worn a one-piece since dive team in high school.

Mom and dad have been looking for kayaks for a while and we had to interrupt our shopping to look at boat which took forever. Two hours later we went to Omega next door, I tried on a TYR like from the old days and went with that. I was having flash backs from when I was 7 and had to try on team suits and it was always so embarrassing!

So afterwards we went to Noelle and Jeremy's house to feed the Ru and pick up some chicken Noelle and Jeremy have left to thaw out but didn't have time to cook. We made some delicious fajitas when we got home. We were all pretty exhausted from the long day and I didn't get back to walk Rudy till around 10! But I said I was going to take Rudy for a walk and Jack got so excited so I decided to take Jack with me. BIG MISTAKE!! I get there and I take Jack and Ru out. Well there was a guy out walking his dog too and Ru just goes crazy!! I can barely hold onto him, he's so wild, barking, crying, pulling on the leash and going crazy in general. Jack of course wants to join in but he isn't nearly as wild but he slips out of his collar and goes to sniff and check out the other dog. So I have this crazy wild animal in one hand and the other one is escaped, I'm trying to wrangle Jack back to me while Ru is wild. I was soooo embarrassed!! I broke out in a serious sweat! Anyway we made it back fine but I was so mad at the boys!! I had to go to bed early because I was singing in the morning but more on that later...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hula-Hoops will roll

So yesterday was pretty full! My schedule changed last minute in the morning, I wasn't working till 10 that night! :) The girls' mom texted me and said she had to go uptown for licensing for her restaurant. And I was like NOOO!! There is the NRA Convention in town and it was the first day with Sarah Palin and Chuck Norris and about 80,000 people!! Thank goodness I told her because she would have been gone forever! She had no idea it was going on. But as we were texting back and for I was watching Alex and Kendall and they were so good!! Alex is usually such a mess when he gets up and in a really bad mood but he was shockingly pleasant!

I then had to travel to watch the girls. On my way there I totally saw the cop that gave me a speeding ticket a few months ago picking up trash!! hahaha Karma? well not so much, but a little! When I got there Kareena looked so dead tired it was so funny! She was a little zombie and I put her right down. When she got up she was in a really good mood too! We played and ate a little bit and then we had to go to Adriana's bus stop. We got inside and she wanted a yogurt that is supposed to be saved for school lunch and I said no. This is where it all begins...She got sooo mad and I was like you have all this fruit that you love and other snacks, she wouldn't have it and started screaming and stormed into the pantry and slammed the door. The pantry has no light, I have no idea why that was where she decided to go but it was pretty funny. She came out and asked for some sun chips and I said yes. But she was super mad and cranky after that. I knew her mom was going to be home soon but I wanted it to be a surprise. So when she asked to go play with kids down the street I asked her if we could just stay at her house and she freaked out and started crying and yelling at me and she threw her hula-hoop at me and tried to hit me and I'm like WHAT!? SERIOUSLY!? I asked her if something happened at school to make her so mad, she said no. I asked her if she was tired or hungry and she said she wasn't. So I was like seriously it sounds like you need a time out if your just going to cry and yell at me outside. Finally she gave into the idea of blowing bubbles in the backyard. Her mom came home and showed how cranky A was. Her mom had planned to take her out and do something fun with just her but she was so cranky and rude that was out the window.

I got to leave early so I went to Marshall's to look for running shorts since I only have 2 pairs that I like. Of course they didn't have any and of course they had all kind of other things I want to buy!! I think I'll do a haul video at the end of the month...Then I went out with my mom and dad to look for kayaks. We went to REI and they had some great boats but they didn't have the model my parents had looked at online and since we're so small we need small boats! I looked at the climbing stuff and then we went to dinner at Harper's. It was delicious! I was too tired to even think about going out! But I only have one more week till Chris comes back home so I'm excited for that!! I'll write about today later!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dancin in the moonlight

Today was cleaning day with the kids which means I get to bring Kendall over to my house for a few hours. It's just easier instead of running around the house away from the cleaners while she tries to sleep. It's nice though because I can get stuff done at my house that I need to do. Like laundry! Honestly laundry and ironing are some of my favorite domestic duties. It just smells so lovely and you see that you are getting work done. Plus I love my clothes so much and value them that it's not even a chore. Just taking care of my children, Ralph, Calvin, Ann Taylor, you are my children that I love!

It was funny because having the baby over keeps mom from asking when me and Noelle are going to have kids! But it's really funny because she want to soothe Kendall when she's fussy but I'm like you're just doing to wrong and the second mom hands her back to me she stops. It's funny and sad and sweet at the same time. Funny, because I know Kendall so well that I know what she wants. Sad because others can't or don't know how to soothe her. Sweet because she's getting attached to me and maybe loves me?

We had dinner plans with our YL kids tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings and I knew I was going to want to eat so much! I decided I really had to go for a run because I might not get to go tomorrow. I went by myself and cut two minutes! I think that's pretty good! But it was seriously so hot this afternoon! Thank goodness Noelle's neighborhood is shady because it was almost 90! But we had to go straight to BWW to meet the kids, we only had 3 kids come out but it was pretty fun anyway. I think a bunch of them had practices and stuff. But it was nice to connect with some of them and know they want to hang out with us.

I had to go to Harris Teeter to pick up some soups for tomorrow since I'm with the girls from 10 till 10! Looong day! Hopefully we will be able to go to the pool!! :)

It is such a beautiful night, it smells like Honeysuckle, Magnolia and a little Wisteria tonight. If Chris was here we would be dancing outside. I seriously considered a second run tonight but running solo at night just doesn't sound like a great idea. Shame. So tired now and I have a long day tomorrow. Good night.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Run for your life!!

Well it's been a pretty full day. Alex the two year old and Kendall the five month old and I took a stroll around the block to see the horses and ended up seeing about 5 bunnies and a chipmunk! Alex was pretty ecstatic. So was I! Even though I am so allergic to the little bun buns they are just so cute!! We pretty much played all day till it was nap time, which was when their mom left, which I think is pretty funny because they both sleep most of the time their parents are gone so I just hang out, work out, veg out...not really the last one. But I had to throw in some laundry while I enjoyed my avocado sandwich so I could have some clean running shorts! Living across the street from work is so fantastic! :) Thank goodness I have a mommy that will put it in the dryer so I have dry clothes to run in too!!

This is one of the first Wednesday evenings I have had free so I could go to choir practice finally! We are singing with the high school kids and there was a girl there that was too cool for school and was so rude! I was totally like umm you are so rude, you don't need to be here, you're not that cool. I'm pretty sure I have never been that disrespectful of adults in my life. Makes you glad your parents gave you some integrity...whew! Then I went to Noelle's house to go for a run. I thought the run would be longer since I struggled so much the first time we ran but come to find out it's like 1.78 miles. No stops this time, OK like a few seconds to look at a tiny bunny we saw and to tie my shoe. I subscribed to runners world YouTube channel and learned how to tie my shoe properly. Apparently if you loop your string the wrong way it will come untied fast and the other will make the knot tighter! Who knew!?!?!

I'm trying to really get into running, I actually like it now! I think I'm going to run for your life to get running shoes. They test you to figure out what kind of shoes are best for your feet. My shoes are totes starting to hurt my feet. I want one of those Nike watches that tell you how far you've gone, and how fast, and how many calories you've burned, etc.

Noelle and I got to chat while we ran/jogged...what's the difference? And she was mad I didn't tell her I started to blog...umm yeah because I'm boring! and have all of zero followers. But I write like I have tons! I think it makes it more fun. Slash ca-razy. I had to go right home because we started the run late and wanted to eat with mom and dad...

No shocker on Idol tonight, Mike had to go. He was good but last night wasn't his best. After Casey was safe it had to be Mike. Bon Jovi, older man love of my life, not so great. I was a little sad/let down. But anyway it's late nothing else to eventful. I need to run some serious errands tomorrow. I plus I know I have a more eventful day tomorrow! ;)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carry Each Other

I worked across the street today with baby Kendall. It was a long day and I was soo tired from waking up pretty much every hour on the hour last night. I had to have tea and coffee this morning! Kendall was pretty fussy for most of the day she is very big on being carried facing outward which makes me hunch over sometimes when I walk with her. I'm afraid bad backs run in the family. My dad has had back problems for a few years but I'll get back to that...hahaha 'back', cheesiness definitely runs in the family but that's my mom's side ;)

Sometimes when I run errands with the children I always wonder if people think the kids are mine and if I'm being judged for being so young and having kids or if they think I just look great after three kids! Or maybe they think I need to work harder...Oh Lord, NOO!!!! hahaha! But most of the kids look nothing like me. So who knows? So after a very long day of holding babies and helping with homework I trimmed Jack's paws and ran a little over 1.5 miles with dad.

So back to the back, I'm just like my dad in so many ways, I wish I had his skinny legs but I digress...a few years ago when we lived in DC he was a big runner, like 5 miles a day big. Then his back started to bother him. It worries me, especially since I run a lot of hills which are hard on the back. He's getting back into running and taking it slow, we walked a few parts but mostly ran. I think my running shoes might be too big or too old, we'll soon see. It was perfect weather to run, a little cool, no sun and a little moist. I finally made a profile after using the site for like 2 maybe 3 years. It's a great site if you're a road runner or need trails to run. I like to know how far I go and I can figure out where I went when I get lost sometimes ;) Happy trails...

Anyway we ate dinner and watched American Idol. I have to say as someone who used to sing it wasn't the best night for the contestants, but the duets were fantastic! Mike and Casey sounded like they had been singing together forever. So delicious! I loved their guitars, it really showcased Caseys playing and Mikes singing. Then, my favorite, GLEE! This show is so brilliant, I almost always know what songs they are going to sing before they sing them. This may be why I like the show, because it is just so me. Am I really just a high strung emotional teenager? I wish? no. no. I don't. I was never that dramatic. I've been an old lady since I was 8. But I do love to sing and dance. I've been looking for dance classes for a while but I'm worried it's been so long since I've taken a class I would slow everyone down. But I guess I need to take a chance!

I need to do something fun tomorrow. Maybe 1/2 price drinks somewhere?? Maybe just a longer run...we'll see how that turns out. I need to look for a one-piece bathing suit for YL camp which is awful! They are way less flattering than bikini's which sounds completely backwards. They all have just two straps like bras but they need cross back straps, keep the girls in line! For me shopping is so much fun but when you feel like you could do a better job designing the items it gets frustrating! Anyone with me?? I really liked a Ralph Lauren suit, it dipped pretty low in the front and had a pretty high waist, to make the gams look longer, but if I twisted the wrong way the public sees something I would prefer to keep hidden! Maybe when Noelle gets her jewelry business started I'll sell bathing suits and night gown with shelf bras! Common ladies you hear me!?!?! OK I think that's enough for tonight. Good night party people.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Well last night I wanted to post some pictures along with my post but of course my computer is overloaded with wonderful information all of which I wish to save forever! So I needed to transfer some of my old files to my external hard drive which takes forever!! Or at least a few hours sometimes. If you don't have an external hard drive, get one! It sucks to lose all of your information, files, photos, music, and other things you have worked hard on!
Today I'm watching my girls. Kareena who is sixteen months old is wide open today! Using a couch pillow as a crash pillow and having a ball rolling around and laughing as hard as she can! Hopefully it will warm up and we'll have a pool day! She loves the water, but we need some floaties! She is so daring and ready to jump off everything, stairs, couches, dogs, trampolines, me, everything! But she's pretty moody with her food so that probably won't happen and she's in desperate need of a nap!

So it's still not warm enough to go out in a bathing suit, plus I should probably do a little work out while K is asleep. But blogging is so much easier! Instead of either of those I applied to a few jobs which is probably better in the long run. But I did finally finish transferring my pictures and posted them on facebook and some on my last entry.
We have our last Young Life Club tonight and hopefully it all goes well and we have lots of kids come tonight!! All of us leaders really want to go to camp but our kids have such busy summer schedules that we may not have enough kids to need all of the leaders to come! :( I wish I could put some pics up from Young Life but I'm not sure how that would work out with them being pictures of HS kids and their parents being upset or something? Best to err on the side of discretion...
YL was such a success but they totally don't want to get anywhere near each other faces...haha! We started off with a crowd fav in death ball. Then we had them do a donut dip, where one person stands with a donut on a string in their mouth and the other person lays on their back and eats it. In between bites the other person is dipping it in chocolate syrup. Yes, I still had chocolate on my face when I got home...then we had them do some scupturading with play-doh. We did a relay with hula-hoops, donuts and pencils to lead into Common Ground where they had to write down everything they had in common within their group. We had some pretty hilarious responses. The Man Challenge was who could eat three Mickey D's hamburgers the fastest, it was pretty intense!! Altogether a great club and hopefully some kids will sign up for camp!!! Cross your fingers and pray for us!! Exhausted after such a long day and I have to get up early tomorrow!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello there little friend!

Well, after long thoughts and consideration I have decided to finally start a blog. After all, my life is somewhat interesting, and there are some adventures I would like for people to accompany me. I wanted to start on Cinco de Mayo, but, well, after a few margaritas with the fam and then planning a fun night out, blogging was pretty much out the window! ;) But a lazy Sunday, post nap, is probably the perfect time to start!

Today is Mother's Day and what a fantastic day it has been! Me and my Dad went to church and enjoyed a lovely sermon about mothers and if you saw me yes, yes, I was tearing up a little! I just love my mom so much! Noelle, my sister, couldn't join us because she was being a "House Frau" as my Granny calls her and was making a fantastic strawberry rhubarb pie! :P Anyway after church Dad and myself headed to Starbucks and Hallmark to look for some mothers day appropriate wrapping paper. Unfortunately Hallmark doesn't open till 12 on we went to our original destination Fresh Market (fav!) for some beautiful Mothers Day flowers and tried Rite Aid for wrapping paper hahaha no we settled on some we already had. I wrapped it of course!

Grandma and Papa came over, my mom's parents, and so did Noelle and Jeremy, my sister and her husband. We enjoyed salmon, lemon rice, salad, and, our family staple, asparagus and then Noelle's fabulous strawberry rhubarb pie with fresh homemade whipped cream! :q We enjoyed watching the bunnies hop between our yard and our neighbors. It was so beautiful out today it just makes you happy to be alive! Mom opened her presents, I got her a set of light-weight multi-colored mixing bowls she had been wanting for a while. Williams-Sonoma I love you! (Esp. for wrapping it for me!) Noelle gave her and Grandma orchids and gave mom a bowl from a gallery they had visited in Asheville. And dun duh da duhhhh...Dad gave mom a beautiful white Dooney and Bourke purse with light brown piping, very spring-y! Very mom!

Afterwards, Grandma and mom looked at some of moms paintings while me and papa took naps! ;) Now it's probably time for me to help plan for Young Life Club tomorrow with Noelle and Jeremy since our other leader has already sent us ideas!
Club is planned for tomorrow and hopefully I'll put up pictures of today...story to follow...


I leave you with Jack wanting some Mother's Day food too...
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